Tuesday, October 19, 2010

FOUND: Sage Vaughn

Just stumbled upon an artist who I just adore. Found his work randomly on a website I was trolling... a welcome discovery.

First off, I am adding the name Sage to a running list of favorite names I have, Second off, I really need to fill one of the walls of my living room and wish I had enough money to treat myself.

Each one of these paintings successfully surfaces a feeling uniquely tied to my childhood. (I assume many of yours as well) It might be that he has captured my middle child experience, from the pathetic "Woe is me, I'm the forgotten child" to "No one will notice if I sneak out and explore for a bit".

The grittiness of the urban landscape... a backdrop I felt was both comforting and fascinating as a child... I am now forced back to look at those painted canvases of my memories. My canvases feature a spectrum of visuals: from the idyllic nightly neighborhood games across the perfectly manicured lawns of Hancock Park until the street lamps flickered on (Think Kinkade pastel-hues, though minus the barfitecture) to the aggressive urban-setting filled with spewing exhaust pipes, riots, asphalt playgrounds, and graffitti'ed surfaces. LA was much rougher around the center than it is now and apparently I have a fondness in my heart for what it once was and grateful for my exposure to it.

Sage Vaughn, when I make more money, consider a painting sold! In the meantime, keep up the good work. You have created some memory-evoking pieces that have touched me deeply.

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