Tuesday, October 26, 2010

FOUND: Phantom Hairdresser

After the Gorbals performance... I wandered out of the Alexandria Hotel to stumble upon a very peculiar scenario. Not one you come upon often.

I found a woman who has agreed to have her hair cut on the street, no it wasn't me, though I did considered it. It was only $20. Quite frankly the guy did a phenomenal job on the gal who was draped in his black hairdresser cape.

She seemed a bit anxious that she had agreed to such an endeavor (note: ciggy butt in hand), but ultimately when the cape was whisked off her by the mysterious man... we were all there standing in envy.

What an experience!

Honestly, I am thinking I might just get into urban street hairdressing... just in case this "producing stuff" doesn't work out in the end.

I will have to consult with this hairdressing wonder, we will have to map out territories... he may have downtown, but I claim Hollywood! I smell a new reality show in the workings! Just need a snappy show name.

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