Tuesday, October 26, 2010

FOUND: Molly's Charbroiled Burger House

Another iconic business disappearing before our eyes. With Hollywood going all Hollywood on it's ass, and getting too valuable for it's own real estate.... The smaller venues that have been sitting comfortably in the shadows are starting to shutter.

Molly's Charbroiled Burger House has been around since my earliest childhood memories. It is a funkly little burger joint lined with stools, but no real dining seating. A welcoming front for the Hollywood straggler wandering by alone and hungry for a quick griddley fried meal.

Just the other night I decided that it was my time to show my support, I walked to the counter and the owner gruffly informed me, "It's closed! "

The restaurant is technically still open... I just arrived too late to order food.

NEXT TIME... there will be a next time! I made a promise to myself as a child that, I too, will sit at that stool on Vine and eat a Charbroiled Burger.

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