Monday, October 18, 2010


Saturday was a dreary misty day, perfect for a little M&M. (Massage & Margarita)

I love me some $20 hour-long foot massage. Man Han Tang , is my secret treat. I shouldn't blog to heavily about this one, as I would hate for it to change in price and availability.

Personal Tips:

#1- Request a woman masseuse, their hands don't smell of smoke.
#2- Cross the street and get a margarita at El Cholo afterwards

I want to give a shout-out to EVE from Yelp who captured the experience perfectly:

If you are looking for a pretty spot in a nice neighborhood, stop reading, because this is not the place. To say it is "no-frills" would be an understatement. It looks very run down and seedy, (last year's Christmas decorations hanging on a fish tank are odd, but may come in handy for them in December when they don't have to re-hang them...).
It's an all Chinese staff, most of the massages are done by men, which creeps me out ordinarily, but it actually ended up being fine, since you are fully clothed the whole time. They soak your feet while you sit on a stool and lean on stacks of pillows. They rub your neck, back and shoulders, and really know how to get out all the kinks and knots. (They do ask what pressure you prefer.) They move you to the recliner, and proceed to rub your scalp, face, feet, and legs. It is a full hour, it feels great, I left feeling so relaxed I wished I had a ride home!
The man who worked on me knew exactly how to combine massage, deep tissue, accupressure, and some stretching to get just the perfect result.
Yes, the men chat in Chinese, they smell like stale cigarette smoke, they "snort" a lot, and there was a TV playing cartoons somewhere that I could hear, as well as a bunch of crappy little dogs barking CONSTANTLY next door, but you know, it's a full hour, full body massage for $20 in Koreatown, not the spa at the Ojai Valley Inn for goodness sake.
I recommend tipping well, since they only charge 20 bucks, (I gave my guy $10) but give it a try, you may like it.

PS since it is no oil except for feet and legs, and in clothing, you can go and still run off to a meeting without the whole shower, shampoo thing.

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