Tuesday, October 26, 2010

FOUND: Are you a Peggy or Joan?

This halloween I am really stuck with what I should do for my costume, until I saw this t-shirt:


Mostly given my womanly figure and all. I am now thinking it shouldn't be too hard of a costume to pull off. My friend Abigail has offered to help me complete the look, with pen on a necklace.

(FYI- I love that when you buy the shirt I posted above, it goes to a good cause!! **)

*Dress for Success Worldwide is an international non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of women located in 110 cities across the U.S., Australia, Canada, the U.K., Poland, the Netherlands, the West Indies and New Zealand. The professional clothing, employment retention programs and ongoing support that we provide our clients symbolize our faith in every woman's ability to be self-sufficient and successful in her career.

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