Friday, October 22, 2010

FOUND: Purple Hair

Apparently I am going through some 20's-angst, as I have just dyed the tips of my hair purple. "By accident?", you ask...

Well, it all happened so fast, one second I was talking to the EP of my show and next second I knew I was happily falling victim to a healthy dosage of peer-pressure. Dipping my braids into dye seemed like a swell idea, why not? The last time I did anything to my hair was take scissors to it to cut off the split ends at a stop light last week.

Anyway, I was told it was semi-permanent, having a feeling that I might just make it permanent. I am getting bored with being low maintenance.

On that note- I am sure my mom will pleased she no longer will have to cut my hair anymore. To be honest, I am just scared she will cut off all of the purple, in a fit of WASPY rage. (i kid)

On a lighter note:
Boo, the puppy with 84K friends on facebook, told me he likes it... so I am going to go with it.

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