Monday, October 11, 2010


Hands down one of the best days in LA... IN MY LIFE.

A bit dramatic of a comment you say...

Well, honestly I have never felt so free to explore my city with 7.5 miles open and free for me to set my own pace to mingle with the masses and admire the curvature of buildings.

It felt like 7.5 miles of playground that all could share.

There were pe0ple playing Badmitton and Dodgeball in the streets, games open to the public, like we were all neighbors.

It was really a special day and everyone I passed by, had a permanent grin on their faces... how could you not smile... the streets were ours. There was no fear of getting mauled by an automobile.

The general consensus was that people would have been willing to donate at least $5 a person to have that experience... and with a price tag of $280,000 to put together the event.. if all of the 100,000 people that showed up paid $2.80, we could have this every week? Totally worth it! So many businesses downtown benefited from the experience, so many families benefited from the family-time it created, so many people got off their couches to celebrate this fair city we live in with their fellow Los Angelenos.

It was a very Good Day in LA!

To top it off... Wurstkuche.

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