Saturday, May 8, 2010

FOUND: boo-fast

Woke up with nothing to do.
To most: that is the best feeling in the world.
To me: terrifying

Finishing my morning ritual of leafing through all of my online newspapers- I saw a tidal-wave of stir-crazy breaking it's crest atop of me... When all of a sudden; beetley-boop- an IM of the best variety pops up on screen. What are you doing? It reads.

Nothing. I respond. Not a thing.

Want to do something?

Yesssss. I reply, carelessly failing to mask my desperation.

Have you eaten?

No, come to think of it, I reply: that's a great activity! I formally invite Joe for eggs and pancakes and we were off to the races......

We decide over eggs to go on vacation in Santa Monica. Field trip!!!! I forged his permission slip, he forged mine.

- Likely posted with typos from my iPhone

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