Thursday, May 27, 2010

FOUND: 1 Kalbi w/ a side of RAIN


So for some reason, when it rains... I crave.

My cravings are for some kalbi/bulgogi/mandoo action.

The miso soup, fresh & fermented salad, grilled meat, warm scooped rice balls... it is surprisingly my go-to comfort food, who knew. Perhaps the obsession derived from rainy days past in Elementary school. I found myself cooped up indoors, playing hours of heads-up Seven-up and while I opened up my moldy lunch bag to a soggy sandwich of last-nights-dinner between two pieces of whole wheat bread.... my Korean friends all opened up their bento-box contraptions to toasty warm meals that would steam up the classroom like a Korean spa of smelly bbq-cuisine. I was beyond envious and was well aware that trading the only "treats" in my semi-macrobiotic lunch- slices of jicama and asian pear- would not warrant a Mandoo in exchange.

Now that I am older... I can afford the $10 and satisfy the craving the moment I see the first puddle that fills out the pothole in front of my office building. On that note, looks like the puddle has filled & Chef Kim is waiting for me to pick up my lunch. I must be off!

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