Monday, May 10, 2010

FOUND: Dia de Mommykins

As I was the only Bennett child in town to celebrate Mommykins,
I had Dad do the honors of treating Mom & Me to a lovely meal at EVA. There were many reasons why this meal hit my top ten of the year:

1- My Parents were paying, but even if they weren't -
$35 -4 courses including unlimited wine=affordable
2-It is within walking distance of my apartment, so the walk to EVA worked up the appetite, and the walk home worked off the meal
3- Every dish was perfectly constructed, but not so perfectly that you felt intimidated to eat it
4- Family style eating- all portions plated on one plate served in the middle of
all to share
5- Did I mention 4 courses? Oh and every course was worth eating
6- Service.... very warm and friendly... and the Owner/Head Chef popping by to chat up my parents (aka investors) added a special touch
7-Outdoor seating+ Intimate setting + Brunch = Perfect Tone for a Special day
8- $5 - Bloody Mary, $5 , not $10 - and stunning presentation.

So, let me tell you, I am ready for their Sunday Supper to come back.... same pricing set-up and menu changes every week. No need to say "no" to the third glass of wine, when it is all you can drink and your apartment is just blocks away! Cheers to that!

***Of course my mom gives ME a gift on mother's day..... FLAIR - by Joe Nye ... a family friend of ours who worked on our house and just released a interiors & style book that gives tips and wisdom on everything from flower selection to place settings.

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