Wednesday, May 5, 2010

FOUND:Derby Days are Over....

It was a Kentucky Fried Derby in Brentwood Circle... where the only thing that got fried was my skin! It was a glorious day in this geographically superior gated part of LA.. the sun was glowing hot poker in the sun, warranting the festive hats we were all donning.

I, in my father's Panama Hat from BA! Most of you know how I struggle with accessories in the hat-genre, looks like my dad will have to go without his hat this season... I might have finally found a hat to match my style. "Grandma-chic" move over.... "Grandpa-chic" is taking over!

Cynthia's aunt hosted the gambling& Julep & fondue fete. It was lovely lounging around and picking horses and dipping food into melted goodness.

Looking at Lucky wasn't as Lucky as I had hoped! Lost my $5, gained an interest in gambling.... hmmmm

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