Wednesday, May 5, 2010

FOUND: Doyers in the Wind....

It was "USC night" at the Dodgers game..... Cynthia played hostess once again!
It was an exceptionally windy day (See Above: Fiona blowing in the wind).

Coincidentally, my father & his mates were also in attendance, though on the other side of the field . That's where my "deal" took place- I exchanged my extra cashmere scarf for my dad's free hat. Apparently the first 2k people who arrived at the stadium received a USC/DODGER hat. We probably fell into the category of the last 2k people who arrived ...

When I returned back with my free loot, Lauren devised a plan to obtain one for her younger brother.... such plan included grabbing one off the head of the man in front of her...

Plan Failed.

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