Saturday, May 8, 2010

FOUND: Roger, THE official Dodger

"Dodger Stadium is my home away from home. I live and breathe this place. I guess I was just born to be an entertainer, and Dodger Stadium is my stage."

If you don't know Roger Owens, then you should meet him.... next time you find yourself at a Dodger game and see a lovely older man tossing peanuts, throw your hand up and see this man work his magic.

Having thrown peanuts for over four decades- this man is a professional peanut-pitcher and an honor to witness him working and in action. Shaking hands of season ticket holders, tossin' bags across entire sections, taking center aisle and performing for the crowd...

For more information on Roger.... Click Here.

Or just do yourself a favor next game you attend, order yourself a bag of peanuts!

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