Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Papa-Bennett aka Sir Daddykins gets screeners for his BAFTA membership.  The Bennett family gets the honor of checking them out of my father's library.   I am literally counting down the months for my own membership... I have less than a year before I can join and the moment it happens... I will officially be committing social suicide.   


Crazy Heart:  B+  (rent it, was pleasant surprise)

Fantastic Mr Fox: B- (meh, you can miss it. 

The Maid: A-  (loved it, see below)

Broken Embraces: A-  (Almodovar can do no wrong in my eyes)

An Education: A- (best acting I have seen in ages)

Up in the Air: B  (pleasant surprise)

500 days of summer: B + (cute. I hate using that word to describe it) 

The Proposal: C+ (I did cry though) 

Nine: D+ (and I am being generous with the +)

It's Complicated: B- (meh, but nancy meyer's signature move of ample interior-design-house-porn  & croissant scene kept me attentive enough)


Avatar- google "LieMAX"... interesting stuff 

Where the Wild Things Are- heard it was awful 

Julie & Julia- Will see it bc of Chris Messina. If you know me well, you know the story that goes with that. 

Inglorious Basterds- I love Tarantino, hate gore. Why must these two things go hand in hand? 

District 9- saw parts of it at work in the lunch room, not sure if I can sit thru the entire flick. 

The Young Victoria- Dying to see

A Serious Man 

A Single Man 

Hurt Locker

Precious (side note- Sapphire who wrote the book, taught me writing my senior year at Trinity)

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