Monday, January 11, 2010

FOUND: Sarah & Benitos

I adore many things in LA (hence the post).  Two that fall at the top of my list- happen to have a wonderful relationship with one another. Today I am paying due homage to them both, in no particular order:

#2- Sarah Russell: one of my HP besties.  Our friendship first took form at the lunch tables at Immanuel Presbyterian Nursery School where snacks and lunches were shared.... (the root of any solid friendship, in my eyes) 

Now back to the relationship I mentioned above, Sarah is the queen of Benito's and rarely turns down an opportunity to eat there. I always know I can turn to her for a good Benitos-sess.   I do declare: some of my favorite moments in LA have been spent with her over a 2am cheese quesadilla and guac.  

****Like Benito's, Sarah is hugely reliable & available 24 hours a day!  Nothing better than that! ****

REAL PURPOSE OF THIS POST:  I wanted to take a blog post to give a shout out to Sarah who was the one who convinced me to Blog .  Thank you Sarah, it has been a fantastic outlet for me. 

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