Friday, January 15, 2010

FOUND: Chalkboard Decals

Santa bought me some chalkboard decals while I was shopping with her during Christmas. Kind of you to allow me to pick out my stocking stuffers. Oh Santa, I need some of your design savvy to figure out where I can put them up in my room. Would you pop by this week and help me? Thanks

Apparently there is a superior version of my chalkboard stickers/decals.... one shaped like the US of A.

Confession: I am thinking of getting it because I still don't know all of the states and their capitals.

My Excuse: I was singing GO GO GO JOSEPH on stage every night of the week at the Pantages Theater and missed a semester of 5th grade. (long story. true story. and NO. I will not sing for you. ever.)

Lesson Learned: Sing first, learn later... Decals are always available to fill the holes in my education. Now if I could find a series of chalkboard decals that would help me learn German.


  1. love the map...get your scissors out! It would make a great beer party game..."Name the Capital!" mom

  2. oh mom, you and your "beer parties". Love it!


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