Friday, January 15, 2010


I love this postcard. It is 71 and sunny today, which is probably why.

This one is a mind-blower from 1905. The formality of a public bath. (my brain can't help but juxtapose the below image of what happens to our modern-day version, sad)

Postcard of the interior of the Plunge, Ocean Park, California. Color photograph of the large public bath. Numerous people enjoy the hot salt tub baths while onlookers, fully-clothed and decked in hats, gaze from above around the perimeter of the water. Overhead, the glass roof allow the bathers to enjoy the sunlight.

*USC digital Archives has some fun postcards.

For all of you LA Natives... any of you remember Chaka.. the infamous LA tagger? I stumbled upon an article a while back.

CLICK TO SEE what he is up to now!


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