Monday, January 4, 2010

FOUND: LA PLATE - definitely not neutral

Yesterday afternoon, my super human reflexes reacted just in time to catch a plate I received a couple Christmases back from crashing into our floor.  PHEW Go Go Gadget arms save the day once again. 

Mental note: avoid cleaning delicate items after drinking. scratch that. avoid cleaning delicate items

In that flash, I noted the importance of this plate to me and realized the history it carried as a gift from my friend Meg. *Isn't it funny that one truly learns the value of something the moment they think it might be lost.   

After-thoughts/ Reflection: 

1- I love LA themed gifts- especially limited edition versions (cus I am a snob like that)
     A.  I might want to get another, bc I am clumsy and I can see a round two next time I clean
     B.  This is a great gift to give to others, BUY PLATE HERE
     C.  For my non-LA readers (all two of you) Other city plates are available, HERE
2- This gift stands the test of time, just like "joke puke"  & coffee table books do 
     A. Even better, it reminds me of my bond with both Architecture & my friend Meg 
     B. Wow, I just outlined this entire blurb.  I haven't outlined in so long, it feels great! 
1-Even though I did it poorly/ incorrectly

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