Tuesday, January 5, 2010


If you live in LA, please go and see the Irving PENN exhibit at the Getty called Small Trades.  It is still O-PENN and closes on the 10th of January.  Do it! Do it now!  Bring a friend!   I am not kidding, put it in the calendar! 

The subtle wrinkle in the crease of the lorry-cleaner's eye that reminds you the pride these individuals had of the work that they did.  Pride that I think that has faded through the generations.    Times have changed and I am so glad that Irving made this his series focus, as it really captures dying/dead trades that many of us would have never have been aware of if we didn't attend.  

Be sure to notice the specialized clothing, the stance, the "varied cultural" attitudes (There is a room where Brits are compared alongside Frenchies & Yankees)...
All together, perfectly printed. 

* This photo was my favorite... their toes turned into each other, almost touching. Bakery Buds

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