Friday, January 1, 2010

FOUND: Another Worthy LA Coffee Table Book

I went over to my parents house yesterday to share with them the story of my email from one of the writers of LA Bizarro & obviously absconded with a baked nugget of deliciousness. (sorry mom, if you read this- I didn't take a cinnamon donut hole- just a cookie)

My roommate and I salivated over one of the Xmas gifts my parent's received- see image to left-
Midway through the book, my mother walked into the room, and couldn't help but notice us soaking up every single image & word of text documenting the history and landmarks of LA. She was so touched by our fascination with the book that she offered to buy us a copy for our apartment.

*We graciously accepted the gift, but I couldn't resist asking..... "Mom, would you mind asking your dear friend Kevin Starr to sign if for us next time he comes over!" Come on people, I had to ask!

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