Thursday, January 28, 2010

FOUND: Life Before your eyes

Very pleased I stumbled across this photography site today and this particular story... reminded me of the safari my family went on a couple years back. I get what he is saying in both word and image. That photo is stunning... perfectly composed.

After graduating college, I mustered courage, along with what survival and photo gear I thought necessary, and moved to the African wilderness. I took a job filming and photographing for a safari company in a remote part of Central Tanzania. I left everyone I knew and most modern amenities for the better part of a year. My mind quieted, my senses heightened, and my natural rhythms synched with the harsh and beautiful surrounding environment. It was the most alive I had ever felt. Despite being battered by the sun, ravaged by tsetse flies, bloodied by acacia thorns, hissed at by cobras, choked by dust, and stalked by lions, I woke up every morning wanting more. Upon coming home, I found myself to be radically changed. I felt misplaced and overwhelmed by the noise, pace, and stress of the Western life I had since forgotten. I would pore over old journal entries, watch and re-watch video footage, and stare longingly at the photographs I had taken. I spent many days and nights wishing for a way back, plotting my triumphant return. Like so many before me, I felt homesick for a land far away, missing the harsh lessons of love given freely and frequently by Mother Africa.

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