Tuesday, November 2, 2010

FOUND: Sunset Junction 2010

In typical Lucy style, I just found photos that I am not sure if I have posted or not.

Oh forgetfulness....

I probably have, so if so, please ignore the duplicate post. teehee

I wanted to pay homage to Summer 2010 and with this weather we are having in the 90's right now, you would have no idea we are in fall anyway.

So Abs hooked us with free passes.... we hit the crowds and most importantly, the free slurpee-wagon. Joe bought a shirt to match some asian-band who were all wearing "said blue/red tank". He wanted to fit in, you can't blame the guy.

We pretty much were in attendance to see Sam Sparro. We succeeded and walked over to Good Brewery and ate some Sammies & drank some Brewskis.

Honestly, I miss the good ole days when you didn't have to pay and the crowd had real edge and less programmed. Alas, we can not change it back, but for now... I thank Abs for free media all-access wristbands, because there was no way I was gonna pay to get in!

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