Wednesday, November 17, 2010

FOUND: Pazzo Gelato

This Monday... we had a Sundae. I would like to call it a Monday Sundae. * Call it that when you order, I want it to catch on...

Kim, Joe, and I decided to indulge after Joe's homemade eggplant parmesan (which rocked my world, btw)... Which reminds me, I need to get that recipe.

So before heading to Bardot for School Night, we stopped for a pre-concert dessert at PAZZO GELATO.

Gelato is a food group all it's own. When I lived on Calle Huertas in Madrid, we had a gelateria a block away... so we always had a stock of flavors on hand in our freezer to welcome us when we got home from dancing at 5am. Refrescante, non?

Since I have moved back to LA, I haven't found a gelato that can compare with Pazzo... it is simply the best in LA.

Now here is the insider's scoop (predictable pun):

ORDER THE MOLTEN CHOCOLATE CAKE, (request that it be heated), then request that it be the base for two scoops of gelato (an additional scoop is $.90, so slap another on!) And after some whipped cream and nuts, you have yourself a Monday Sundae!

Now grow 0ut your claws, because you will be needing them if you plan on sharing...

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