Tuesday, November 2, 2010

FOUND: Block Party

It is Fall again. And only the true natives can pick up on the seasonal subtleties:

Ask me how I know...

1- The subtle stink of sun-kissed manure warming my nostrils

2-The leaves on the trees on the block are crisping to auburn and pumpkin hues

3- Larchmont Blvd has had their annual family fair... and I have had my fill of St James' korean BBQ~ )

4- My mother has purchased and hidden in the silver closet $500 worth of candy in anticipation of the bused-in hoards of costumed munchkins

5- I can't drive down my block, as our annual Block Party, has closed access to everyone but the residents of the street. Sadly, I did not attend this year's block party, but next year... consider me there. I have already purchased spoke decorations for my bicycle, gotten my teeth cleaned for the cotton candy machine, and gotten my rabies shot for the petting zoo.

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