Wednesday, November 17, 2010

FOUND: Pasta Sauce a la Cleveland

It was Justin's turn this time around for our LA Native Supper Club.

Our supper club rotates hosts and settings... and this round had us eating in the deepest part of Culver City. Confession: It was so deep, I actually got lost on my way there.

This evening was a unique one... I was the only lady seated at a table of four lads. Love that ratio. I did miss Sarah's presence when the conversation took the predictable dramatic turn from civilized to neanderthal. In those finer moments, I happily tucked into Justin's holy pasta sauce. His sauce is a religious experience. (come on now, get your head of the gutters) Honestly, guy spent 1/2 of his work day in front of that stove and the layers to that homemade family recipe were pretty impressive.

Justin pulled out all the stops when he presented us with a selection of Sprinkles cupcakes that I practically was dipping like a donut into my goblet of red wine.

I have to admit, it is a welcome occasion when a man spends a day cooking, serves a quality dessert, and does all of the dishes. Justin, you are quite the catch.

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