Friday, November 5, 2010

FOUND: Skull Face

My Skull Face brings all the boys to the yard.

I actually did something that I never would admit, until I realized it would provide entertainment as "a confession".

Buckle dem seatbelts.

I took a photo of myself, a profile picture, if you will, in the style of "the undesirables" on

For those who have scanned an online dating site, ( you know you have!) you have likely come across the treasure trove of drolls posing without shirts. Now explain to me the purpose of taking a photograph that captures not just themselves, but the camera taking the photo as well.

Is it just that these guys are merely trying to capture the best angle they can? (which given my experience- exhibit A, above, was actually a difficult feat. I took up to 10 photos. exhausting if you ask me)

You know that "these guys" must spend hours, Bending, Turning, Flexing, Contorting their bodies and faces into something they think might just attract that special someone of the opposite sex/ or same sex. For some reason, I have always thought this to be awkward and somewhat confusing.

Why not ask someone to take this photo... a friend perchance.... maybe the real question to ask here is, do you even have a friend?

I have come to the conclusion that "these" people either are too embarrassed to request that their friend be patient when they try to find "said perfect pose", or they don't trust their friends to capture them the way they want to be shot, or they are complete control freaks. (in my case, my roommate was sound asleep. Oh and makeup courtesy of the Jose Cuervo party at Vibiana)

I have decided that not only should I sign up for a dating site, but I shall use this photo, as it really captures the inner-me.... skull and all! I would rather attract a man who really sees me for who I am inside and out because it really is what is in your inside that matters most.

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