Tuesday, November 2, 2010

FOUND: Candy Distro 2010

One of my favorite nights of the year is when I head to my parents house to distribute buckets of candy out on Halloween night.

I get dressed up / boozed up and take my annual post at the front door.

This year I extended the invite to my friends Abigail and Joe, who stepped up to the plate and put on their soiled costumes for one final "wear".

Katie: Beer Wench
Lucy: In-n out worker
Joe: Kool-Aid Man
Abigail: Peggy, from Mad Men

SETTING: This year was a particularly dark evening, the streetlights were turned off... spooky, i know. It wasn't too chilly, but we obviously had a fire in the fireplace.

SOUP: Anyway, mostly importantly my mother made my favorite fall soup- Basil Bean Sausage and Noodle soup... The bestest.. she puts a spoonful of fresh pesto in every bowl and serves it with warm french bread... warms your soul.. if you ask me.

COSTUMES: Our costumes were a hit to the kids..... many of them asked if I just got off of work...

Parents chanted "Oh, Yeah", the tag-line for the Kool-aid man, as they guided their sugar-rushing children up the driveway. It put a smile on the perma-smiling face of the Kool Aid Man.

The Kool Aid man, spoke in third person the entire night, it was highly entertaining.

FAVORITE COSTUME OF THE NIGHT: A boy dressed as an astronaut, father holding the 3 ft long space shuttle above his head

PERSONAL CONFESSION: My left arm is legitimately sore from holding the 30 pound ceramic candy pot from 5:30pm-8:30pm. Pathetic, I know. Mental Note: Work out the arms before Halloween next year.

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