Tuesday, November 16, 2010

FOUND: Snow White's House

Adriana Caselotti's Snow White House in Larchmont Village
Growing up I would bike daily from my house up to Larchmont Blvd and do one of the following things:

1- Buy a silver round tin of italian candies from the Green Grocer
2- Order a hot dog with relish and mustard from Gingham Garden
3- Fill my shopping basket with Lik-a-Maid, jolly ranchers, lemonheads, and push pops from MR. X
4- Buy the latest Mad Libs at Pumpkin Toys
5- Walk longingly down the makeup aisles of Landis General Store, looking at makeup I wasn't allowed to buy
6- Rent Beetlejuice or Spaceballs from Village Video
7- Get a toasted sesame bagel with chive Cream Cheese from Sam's
8-Eat a Oscar the Grouch Ice Cream Sandwich from 31 Flavors

*Sadly I can only do a few of these things, as the majority of the shops listed above have closed

In the process of biking to Larchmont I would pass by Snow White's house... and without fail... I would slow down. With a goal of capturing a glimpse of the lady who sang and spoke as Snow White, with a bigger goal of hearing her voice, I was a little girl with a mission. Alas, I never did succeed.

Now, I read the house is up for sale and I am overwhelmed with sadness, as I realize now that over time, things change. I worry that the well will be removed from in front of her home and the plaque reading: I'm Wishing, will be taken down.

Hancock Parkers- Our beloved Larchmont has changed over the years and for those who share my love for the Boulevard and the presence it had in our collective childhoods... let's keep the spirit alive... and share the good memories.

The house on the southwest corner of 2nd Street and Larchmont Boulevard was designed and ordered built by Adriana Caselotti, who provided the voice of Snow White in the 1937 animated Disney movie.

It has a garden dominated by a red bridge and wishing well. The Japanese-inspired wishing well is decorated with a picture of Snow White and words, "I'm wishing." Adriana Caselotti (1916 - 1997) was an American actress and singer who was paid $970 for her work on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. After the film's success, Walt Disney didn't want her voice to be used by anyone else and so she had a hard time finding work in the entertainment industry in the United States. That was why she went overseas and one of the countries she fell in love with was Japan.

Placed on sale for $1.5 million in November 2010

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