Tuesday, November 2, 2010

FOUND: Rivera

Beef Jerky in a cocktail?
Messages dusted in pepper that read: Bravo Gustavo! and Stimulus Package?
A "potato sail" on my plate of pork?
These are just some of the wild discoveries you will find during your experience at RIVERA.

I was long overdue to see Freya & Natasha and obviously even longer overdue to catch up over a meal with them. We are like three "foodies" in a pod... and RIVERA was just the ticket for the over-the-top experience we were looking for.
*Natasha ordered a Barbacoa cocktail, garnished with dried meat stirrer.
*Freya leaned more towards a seasonal cocktail- with figs and creme de casis
*I went with Bartender's choice... as I am the most indecisive human on the planet.

Together we mashed through the menu and felt like we had ordered just the right combination of plates... from the mushroom carpaccio, to the Tamal to the Tortillas, our palates were satisfied across the board. Yes, we ordered dessert- Bread Pudding.... with a side of reduced Jerez Balsamic Vinegar (I requested it for Natasha... she was itching to taste it... the waiter obliged my redic request )

If I swam in money, like my feathered friend Scrooge McDuck, Rivera would be my "McDonald's" (if I actually ate there). For now, it is just for special occasions... namely evenings with foodie-friends I don't see often enough.

The supreme highlight of the evening came when Freya & Natasha gave me a personalized VIP tour of the Coolhaus offices... complete with Honorary Tasting Spoon and access to every and all flavors of cookies and ice-creams.



I would have probably done more damage to their inventory if we had started the evening at the freezer. Thank God, we had ended the night here.

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