Tuesday, February 2, 2010

FOUND: Ceramic Dream

Just a bowl's throw from my front door, there sits a storefront called Bitterroot Pottery. It is a pottery/ceramic studio where one can sign up for classes or monthly access. Every time I walk by, I longingly look over at the spinning wheel.... asking myself:

Now can I justify spending $160/month throwing pottery on a wheel as another creative outlet? I mean, it is a form of therapy... right? Most people spend more than that on their various forms of therapy... and I could get so much more in this daily package... Ceramic bowls for the soul?

For now, I must be fiscally responsible. Mama's gotta pay for her car to get fixed before bank-rolling any more frivolous artistic indulgences.
On that note... I still haven't heard from my mechanic... here's to hoping no news is good news.


  1. i also want to take classes every time i walk by there, and then i think to myself that this will most definitely ruin my manicure. no can do.

  2. hahhahah... very true, very true. Though, just think of all the asymmetrical ceramic goodies you'd receive from me. one can never have too many "one of a kind" bowls.


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