Monday, February 1, 2010

FOUND: Big Love (Mr. Margene)


So I was over at my parent's house yesterday trolling their Tivo machine for shows that I haven't seen yet on channels that I don't subscribe to.... ie. Big Love and anything on the Sundance channel.

I stumbled upon the latest episode of Big Love and forgot how much I adore that show (both working for the casting directors & the content).

It felt very comfortable settling in and watching it after missing the entire last season, almost as if I was reconnecting with old friends just to check in.

Well, it was comfortable until the last minute of the show.
MR. MARGENE. (zounds!)

Please, someone who watched this episode, I am dying over here... I need to talk it out!!!

My favorite thing about BIG LOVE is that it happens to be one of my dad's favorite shows. He tells me how much he loathes/detests/despises "the blonde wife", declaring just looking at her bothers him. It cracks me up when Chloe aka "the blonde wife" appears on awards shows, my dad can't control his outbursts- "Ugh, what a bitch!"

I constantly have to remind him that she is merely depicting a character and she is just a very talented actress which is why she is convincingly awful. I am terrified that one of these days he might run into her at whole foods and give her one nasty stink eye.

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