Friday, February 12, 2010

FOUND: Dirty Hipsters Unite

I am eventually going to get my act together and throw a HIPSTER party at the end of the month.

A party where everyone is required to dress like their favorite hipster ... fixie riders get door prizes.

Brooks is already brewing a mighty fine keg of cider for the occasion, sorry I am going to break the trend. No PBR's at my party.

Let me know if you are game and I will add your name to the exclusive invite list, you know, before I post a flyer outside of La Cita, downtown. I kid.
Well, about the flyer, not the party.


  1. For those that don't speak Chinese...

    I apparently have a chinese fan, 雪糕

    I will translate the end of the comment: " Looking forward to updates "

    Well thank you, 雪糕 !

  2. Lucy! I am going to this hipster party wearing as much American Apparel as possible.

    Another key reference point:

  3. HAHAHAHAHAH... I might cry from laughing. I like the name Butters for one of the dogs. Very cute indeed. (Mental note: put name on dog-name list)

    For those who have dogs, yes a costume will be required.


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