Wednesday, July 13, 2011

FOUND: sunset junction mixer

I mixed it up at the sunset junction media mixer at El CID-

For obvious reasons- the free drinks and food.

It's somewhat tragic that it took me this long to find a reason to walk down the dramatic candlelit staircase that descends into this bar. I always meant to go to El CID when I moved back to LA from Madrid, in order to get my Flamenco fix, but never got my act together.

Apparently It took a free and open bar to get me down there.

Considering I got wined and dined, I should probably mention the sunset junction event coming up this year- one of the headliners- Hanson. Probably not a band name you would want printed on your flyer, a flyer to be distro-ed to the eastside hipster masses. I don't think that Hanson logically falls into category of hip things to be "brought back", like typewriters and monocles. In my opinion, they have to be a lasting trend to warrant a legit return.


Secret confession: I would probably be to going to the junction if I weren't going to be in Spain.

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