Monday, July 25, 2011

FOUND: schnitzel

The Austrians invited us over to eat schnitzel and it was pretty much the shitzel.

I love walking down speedway the last hour the sun is up.

Sadly Jesus wasn't able to save this bike.

Creeps me every time.

Armin&Birgit, thanks for the authentic austrian meal. Birgit we will miss you when you move back. Vienna here I come!

Armin, thanks for your BB gun, had some target practice this morning. Lots to share.

- Typed on iPhone , sorry for iMistakes


  1. dude...what the're stealing all my material...found: major blog rivalry...because austrians made schnitzel that i ate less than a week ago...though the potatoes weren't in salad form...which is not to hate on the they made the potatoes was something of a revelation...and my austrians didn't accompany their schnitzel with veuve either...but hey

  2. also, was in ojai on monday...i found all these peaches that looked all know? multi-colored in such a way that they might have a nipple? did i already make this observation on this blog? am i doubling up on my nipple persuasion?

  3. *My Austrians made a mean schnitzel and I can easily see a Schnitzel-off happening in the near future. *My nippled peaches were not surprisingly a huge hit, heading up to the farm on Sunday for some more.


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