Saturday, July 23, 2011

FOUND: LVing the Bev Cen

Every now and again I look at advertising. It isn't something I do often.

I mostly block it out of my mind, deliberately reading mags without ads, tivoing shows to zip through commercial breaks, paintballing billboards.... You know.

Though today I biked to the Bev Cen. (Mostly for nostalgic purposes... Walking down memory lane at 10am in the deserted mall. Remembering when my parents would drop me for an entire afternoon at the Bev Cen & Connection, it all went downhill when they closed my favorite store at the Connection called THE EDGE.)

Anyway, I passed by the Louis Vuitton store and a photo caught my eye... a stunner of a photo... though closer I noticed it was in fact a LV suitcase sitting along the Ganges River and for some reason the juxtaposition of an incredibly poor man boating alongside a $20k trunk made the hair raise from my arms. It just felt wrong.

This ad upset me, so all I am left to say is - F. L.V.

My guess, that man wasn't paid and will likely never see $20k in his entire life.

Typed on iPhone , sorry for iMistakes

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