Thursday, December 2, 2010

FOUND: Slightly Tilted Christmas Tree

Went with the roommate the other night to buy our Christmas tree. An essential item when you celebrate the big Baby J. I mean, wouldn't Jesus want your home to smell like an Abies procera, think about it!

No, we didn't go to Mordigan Nurseries (It's closed, and yes I am still mourning their overpriced plants. It was all about their Box of Ladybugs... that was the good stuff )

No, we didn't go to Delancey Street (My parents will support them, so consider that a co-donation)

We went to HOME DEPOT... no judgments here people. This is a no judgement zone. You can't beat their pricing, their 6-7 ft trees are only $34... though this year... they didn't hammer on the handy-dandy plastic bowl to the bottom of the tree... Apparently " It's a liability, we had a few issues last year, our trees were falling onto people!"

Now they make you pay $11.99 on a plastic dish with screws. or $30 on a fancy plastic dish with screws.

After 30 minutes of screwing.... yes, screwing...

I reached a point where a tree falling on me was a risk I would have been happy to take.

Being cheap is painful. Nothing like a hand blanketed in bruises to start your Christmas off right!

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