Thursday, December 9, 2010

FOUND: Holi-desk

My desk looks like christmas vomited all over it.

I have my holiday wreath hung.

I have my Starbucks plastic recyclable cup, complete with candy cane straw.

I have the lights strung up.

I have a glass of wine on my desk. *

*It is "for work purposes" I had to take a photo of a glass of red wine to use on our show. True Story, Amazing excuse.

I am loving listening to the the commentary said under their breath as co-workers pass my desk assuming I am drinking on the job:
"Why are you so special?"
"Been a rough day? "
"Really Lucy, Started already?"
"Pour me a glass"
"Is it time to drink already?"
"What time is it? It's wine time!"
"Why are you so lucky?"
"I wonder which show is premiering tonight?"

"Prop, Smop... I don't buy it Bennett!" - My favorite!

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