Wednesday, December 8, 2010

FOUND: City Elevator

Went to a holiday party in Downtown LA, there was nothing out of the ordinary there, but when I arrived... the location was completely out of the ordinary.

Now I am very familiar with the various sections of downtown, from the Brewery development to all of the Factory/Toy/Biscuit Lofts... but this building was in a part of downtown that NO ONE lives in.

Basically I was in the Desert of Downtown on Pico.

So we took this rickety elevator up to the forth floor of a very undeveloped building. So undeveloped it was essentially a construction site, except for the 3 apartments that were built out by the tenants.
Now Picture this: $1/sq foot for rent.

The holiday party was swinging and everyone ohhh and ahhh'ed at the masterpiece that was this apartment.
I, of course, spent more time exploring the rest of the construction site/apartment building and ended up on the rooftop where I got one of the most sensational views of DTLA. It was ABSURD. Completely unobstructed and from a perspective I had never seen before. I was tempted to sleep on the roof to see what it would look like in the morning. The skies have been so clear recently that even Mt Baldy has been paying us a visit.

Not sure if I could pull the trigger on moving to the Desert of Downtown, but am tempted with views like these.

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