Monday, December 13, 2010

FOUND: Haas Building (Downtown LA)

I have officially started the holiday office party circuit as a PLUS ONE. I love attending as a guest to an office holiday party. I always say YES to party invites. Most people would find it uncomfortable as an outsider... for some reason I love an excuse to socialize with people I don't know.

This particular party was thrown by a financial firm that basically had a party budget that included handing each person a $100 bill at the door to throw into the fireplace. Ok, so I am exaggerating, but I think it was fair to say that I was impressed. There were two full dinner buffets and two full open bars.. a DJ, a Magician (not a joke), and a gorgeous loft space rented out dressed "all in white". It was pretty spectacular.

LOFT SEVEN is the name of the rental space inside of the Haas Building and I now know where I am going to throw my 30th birthday... sorry California Club... there is a jacuzzi on the rooftop.

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