Monday, December 13, 2010

FOUND: Mignon

On Saturday, I did something that most people in my neighborhood have never done before: I hopped onto the 16 bus and took a ride downtown.

Now I have always been a huge advocate of riding public transportation and have done a considerable amount during my lifetime. Given my car and multiple bike ownership, I haven't yet found a need for public transportation. Sad, I know.

I decided this weekend that I didn't want to imbibe and drive, so now was the time to explore the transportation offerings in my hood.

And let me say, I was one happy rider, to discover what options are available to me.

For a mere $1.50 I can take a bus from literally my doorstop to Cole's on BUS 16 or 316.

So fine, it takes an additional 10 minutes to take public transportation, but honestly... saved me from having to find the elusive DTLA parking spot... oh and the third cocktail I drank went down a lot easier knowing I had a free cab voucher taking me home.

When I popped off the magical 16 bus, I was thinking I should pop into Cole's for a quick pint pre-ballet and ended up at MIGNON instead. Something caught my eye when I walked by this fantastically cute bar, with only 12 seats. It was probably the fact that it was 6:30pm on Saturday and a sign out front said Happy Hour until 7pm.

Anyway, the name of the bar could not have been any more perfect, as the whole experience could be summed up as being "cute". I had 30 minutes to kill and the $5 glasses for any glass of wine, wet my whistle. Passing time, I nursed my recommended rose and conversed with a downtown-ette about the evolution of DTLA. She kindly walked through with me what to consider should I ever want to move downtown and also advised me the best walking route to the theater. If you go to Mignon, be sure to look up at the light fixtures... clothing hangers.. very cute, indeed!
128 East 6th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90014
(213) 489-0131

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