Friday, September 17, 2010


I went to NYC and apparently I had one of the hottest tickets in town.

My friend from London, Teddie, hooked me up with access to this elite Carnival theme party held outdoors, within walking distance of my 10-yr high school reunion.

Please don't judge the pathetic attempt at a photo (left). It was taken after multiple free cocktails and handfuls of pulled pork, so don't ask me why a guy in a backpack inspired me at 1:30am.
I was bit exhausted from over hearing vapid conversations about "fashion".... a la "I mean, what does she know? She doesn't even realize the shirt she is wearing is from last season. Pathetic!"

Not gonna lie, my industry is bad, but at least there is a bit more depth to "She doesn't even realize that the show she is pitching is already in production. Pathetic!"

Ok, well regardless... the party was free... the food and drink... free as well.

Who am I to complain, It's a Party in the NY... C!

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