Friday, September 17, 2010

FOUND: Rodri-goes-to NYC

My dearest friend from years living in Madrid, Rodrigo, has moved to NYC.

So while I was in the city, I thought I would give him a a view he hadn't seen yet- from the roof of my beloved Standard Hotel. We suck down our $9 cervezas at sunset and reminisced about the days spent sitting in plazas nursing hangovers with claras in the most chungo of forms.

Now here we sit, like adultos falsos, at the "top of the world" where both of us know that our former selves are secretly rolling their eyes at the Pijos that we have become.

Was the dazzling view and the leisurely stroll down our memory lane worth the $9 drink?... claro que si!

We are proud to be Pijos, well, as long as we can afford it!

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