Monday, September 27, 2010

FOUND: 28 bottles of nothing on the wall...

You know it is your birthday, when Sir Jamie Bennett whips out the bowtie and the paul smith socks. Oh and did I mention the Credit Card. Birthdays in the Bennett family are very strategically planned, especially when it is my turn to celebrate.

We started on the CC rooftop with Negroni's and Moscow Mules served with their respective sterling silver ice bowls.

We then moved onto DRAGO CENTRO, where the tasting menu (menu degustazione) was our poison.

Can I mention how I think every restaurant should start a meal with an amuse bouche? They make my bouche so amused.... and always starts a meal on a tasty little nugget of a note!

The menu was executed with perfection! No surprise there! From freshly made pasta dishes to tender meat cuts and palate cleansing salads and the simplest of desserts that had no weight, but all of the taste. I didn't leave bursting at the seams, in fact, I left completely satisfied.

Katie asked to keep her menu, the wine pairings were apparently ones she wanted to remember forever! (Always a good sign) I stuck with my meal partner staple: Franzikaner. That was in anticipation for the post-dinner drinking to be done at VILLANS TAVERN .

Mr & Mrs Bennett were formally invited by me to join in a visit to the newly opened Villans Tavern, a funky little place down the street from Sci-Arc. They felt slightly out of place being almost 20 years older than the oldest person in the joint, that said it was a treat to see them so giddily participating in the LA hipster nightlife.

Perfectly crafted cocktails creatively served in mason jars, had my mom giggling and the live blue grass had my dad beebopping. It is always a treat to share the "LA nightlife" with my parents.

It's a bigger treat when my dad wears his pink socks.

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