Tuesday, September 28, 2010

FOUND: Lucy Schwartz

Apparently I am a big fan of going out on a SCHOOL NIGHT. With the record-breaking heat, my body craved some chilled relief...

I usually research the shizz out of whatever musical act I go and see, to confirm their worthiness of my time. Given how hard I have been working, the time was not available and I thought I would take a risk, I mean the chick's name is Lucy.

A risk that was worth taking.

Lucy Schwartz was a fine act, bringing up various musical "friends" to stage, and her sound is as if Florence & the Machines had a song-baby with Feist. She has that deep songstress voice that you seemingly get lost in, especially after two bottles of Stella. I don't think I really listened to any of the lyrics, mostly because her voice had so many dimensions and the heat rendered me unable me to process much beyond, "wow, nice voice."
A Brit by the name Aqualung accompanied her on a song and made for a very charming duet.

I lacked the energy to stay for A FINE FRENZY, which was a shame. The outdoor venue, lacked airconditioning... which is common for most outdoor venues... I hear.

The heat still hadn't broken by 11pm and as I felt a bit broken myself, I had to weigh my options. I caught a glimpse of the sheen from the sweaty glaze that sat on my face like a coat of clear nail polish, and realizing that I looked exactly how I felt, I tossed the towel for the night. Oh energy and vanity, you always ruin a good night.

Next week at SCHOOL NIGHT... is TWIN SHADOW.

Looks delish! I feel like a good dose of nouveau 80's!


"Graveyard" Video:


October Tour Dates:

10 Los Angeles, CA - The El Rey *

12 Hermosa Beach, CA - Saint Rocke

13 San Diego, CA - Winston's *

16 San Francisco, CA - Great American Music Hall *

17 Eugene, OR - Wow Hall

19 Bend, OR - Silver Moon

20 Portland, OR - The Aladdin Theater *

21 Seattle, WA - The Crocodile *

The clip is up for this week's MTVU Best Freshmen Video. You can watch the "Graveyard" video and vote now at

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