Wednesday, August 24, 2011

FOUND: trolly time

When in SF, one of the tourist essentials: ride a trolly or cable car... I hadn't been since I was seven, so it was a must do this time around.

I saddled into an interior seat, as the money seats were all taken.

The biggest mistake I made was that I was packed in a bench seat next to a molester.
Yup, a molester. Just my luck.

At first I thought it was my seatmate's bag grazing my upper leg, as 1/2 of it was draped on my lap.

Nope, not a bag.
Not a bag at all.

I looked up and reached for what was my saving grace, the call bell. I got off the trolly and vowed I would never get back on one again. Chester, the trolly molester, I know who you are and I'm coming after you. This time with a tazer.

- Typed on iPhone , sorry for iMistakes

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