Thursday, August 25, 2011

FOUND: the grove

This grove has beer and coffee available at all hours and giant heated chocolate cookies. Don't need much more on a menu to put a smile on my belly.

I needed to put my swollen feet up after trekking from the Embarcadero to the Marina along the water...

I Settled into this cabin/ restaurant happily.

Until the woman I was seated alongside started bitching for an hour about how the Grove has taken a turn for the worse. "Now the management says laptops are not allowed and *gasp* it is now filled with tourists" (that's me!). I don't think she could see my belly smiling, so I beamed at her from ear to ear, hoping that she got the message.

If she doesn't shut it with her sourpussedness I'm gonna share my delightfully warmed cookie and shove it directly into her mug.

She got my message and

Thankfully no mugs were filled.

- Typed on iPhone , sorry for iMistakes

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