Sunday, June 26, 2011

FOUND: LA Questionaire

Everyone has favorites and everyone has preferences and everyone has opinions... having lived in LA for most of my life I have realized Angelenos fall on one side or another when it comes to their favorite haunts. and they are ready for some verbal combat if necessary.

I have developed this list from a couple of conversations I have had this past week with fellow natives, where do you fall?

BURGER: Golden State/ Father's Office

LIBRARY: John C. Fremont/ Hollywood

SLICE: Village / Tomato Pie

DOG: Pink's/ Skoobys

BIKE MOB: Midnight Ridazz/ Critical Mass


FAVORITE HAUNTED HOTEL: Alexandria/ Figueroa

SUMMER MUSIC VENUE: Hollywood Bowl / The Greek

EL MEXICAN FOOD: El Cholo / El Compadre

MARGARITA'S : Lucy's El Adobe Margaritas/

DONUTS: Bob's Donuts / SK Donuts

SKETCHY PARK: McCarther Park / Lafayette Park

OJ VERDICT: Guilty/ Innocent

'STRAM: Canters/ Langers

KARAOKE: Max's/ Orchid

KBBQ: Soot Bull Jeep/ Cho Sun Galbee

GRAFFITI: Chaka/ Revok

PHILIPPES: Double / Single Dip

'SCREAM: Milk / Scoops

STANDARD: Downtown/Hollywood


SANDY : Godmother/ Manchego&Salami at Wine&Cheese

AROUND 2 AM: Benitos/Cactus #1

HOLLYWOOD DIVE: PowerHouse/ Boardners

ICE CREAM SANDY: Diddy Reese/ Coolhaus

NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW LATE NIGHT: Juanitas Truck/ El Chato Truck

CAKEY: Sweet Lady Jane/ Hansens

EVENING FAD DATE: Lucha VaVoom / Derby Girls

90's HAUNT: Paladar/ Nacional

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