Monday, January 17, 2011

FOUND: lacma

I would like to thank Target for sponsoring a free day at LACMA. Of course I wasn't thinking about work until I saw this Jeff Koons giant balloon animal.

The museum was buzzing with young families, it's a shame it isn't always this animated. If I was a bazillionaire I would do as Target did and sponsor it every weekend. LACMA doesn't get half as much love as it deserves from the city-folk who live here.


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  1. Besides just being free on Holidays - LACMA also has the NextGen program where all children under 18 get a FREE membership to the museum until they turn 18 - and the best part is when they bring an adult to the museum, they both get in free!

    Boone's Children's Gallery offers up free brush painting every day until 5 pm as well.