Wednesday, January 26, 2011

FOUND: Dancing with the.... Lucy?

So I need to get my body in TIP TOP DANCING shape. How do I do that? Put myself on a strict diet.

Well, apparently not right away... I woke up this morning and had a Krispy Kreme... but it was only bc I was craving something crispy and creamy.

So back to real issue here: I am going to a costume ball and I need to look like a professional latin ballroom dancer.

First I need to dip my skin in brown dye.

Second I need to get a full body wax

Third I need to get a full body lipo

Fourth I need to find some feathers and fringe in the most obnoxious colors and then sew them together to cover my bits.

Fifth I need to repeat steps 1-4 for my partner.


Simple as that... Simply Ballroom.

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