Tuesday, January 25, 2011

FOUND: Aframe of mind

Who goes to a popular restaurant in LA at 8pm that doesn't take reservations....

I'm a risk taker like that.

Hostess: "That will be a 1 1/2 hr wait."
(my friends audibly moan)
Me: "Of course we're in!"
(they roll their eyes in unison)
Me: "Let's grab some Hites and saddle up next to the folk over by the fireplace"

So there we were, at AFRAME sitting fireside & alongside a portion of Frank Gehry's Sydney office, playing a civilized game of F,M,K. If you don't know what that means, it is best you don't. I would prefer that you think I am remotely mature. I was completely entertained by how quintessentially they were all dressed as architects and in such an appropriate setting... sitting outside meticulously examining the A-FRAME from afar before moving inside where they can continue said conversation about A-Frame's architectural style...failing even to notice the food placed in front of them.

By the time we were walked to our table, we had already spent over an hour anticipating the dishes we had selected that morning after our obligatory Yelp-session.

I would have taken photos *sorry* but I was so hungry... I literally ended up man-handling all of the food we ordered. (all utensil-free foods, I will have you know)... and honestly taking out my camera was far too laborious a task.

We befriended our neighboring tables and became fast food-friends... it was a lovely moon-lit night.... though frankly I couldn't see the moon, bc when I looked up I was sitting under a lit up white hoop skirt.

Beer can chicken- A-
Veg tempura- b
Sweet potato fries- b-
Kettle corn- A
Ribs- A
Ambiance- lovely and great music selection
Wait- waaaaaaay too long, but that was mostly our fault.
Insider tip- order kettle corn whilst waiting at the fireplace
Overall- B+

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